"I am here to help you take back control; transforming you from put upon Atlas to the self-determined Thinker - mistress and master of life."

Kuki Taylor

Your Coach & Thinking Partner


My ethos is simple -  if you take time to truly think for yourself, really using your own expertise, logic and intellect, you will make far better decisions for you, your business and the world.

My discipline is through Time to Think and the Thinking Environment. This approach builds a space and time when the specific realities and challenges of life are addressed. We will confront, reflect and conquer the challenges in your life; the challenges that are either inspiring or dividing.


Spending over five years listening and working with barristers, practice teams, solicitors, the judiciary and advice agencies, developing the Bar's Charity into a sustainable entity has been marvellous.

Three years ago, the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about "coaching" was, to be frank, self-indulgent transatlantic clap-trap.  I am prone to scepticism or, rather, dealing with pure facts.

I then came across the Thinking Environment.  A straight-forward practice with real evidence and an ethos that resonates with me.  For a better world, people need to have time to make well-thought out decisions and pursue working lives that are connected to their values. I am now fully-qualified as a Time to Think coach.

I studied politics, classics and Arabic at the University of Exeter many moons ago, lived and taught English in Yemen, before embarking on six years in public affairs communications including an eye-opening stint working in Parliament.   I am also a Londoner - frank but polite with a deathly dark humour.

How do I differ from regular Executive/Mindfulness coaches?

This is non-directive coaching and the time is wholly yours.  I shall not be dictating to you a bog-standard one-size-fits-all "action plan" for your life. There is no template answer sheet for your life. I therefore give you a genuinely bespoke and authentic service.

Mindfulness is wonderful, I use it myself.  It keeps you aware of your physiology and emotions in that specific moment but I believe it is through the Thinking Environment that you confront, reflect and ask the questions that will liberate you from the assumptions suffocating your true thinking and being.

In our sessions, whether they be for teams or individuals, there is no judgement, no interruption, no fear. You are safe. I am here for you.  The time is wholly yours.  It is your life and I will mentor and train you to actively reflect and rediscover the control you have of your personal and professional life.