Look at yourself,

what do you see?

It is not easy confronting yourself.

It takes great courage to stop. And even more to think deeply about yourself, your past, present and future.

What do you want to do with your life? Are you happy and wanting to sustain your beautifully balanced life?  Or do you feel something somewhere is not quite working?

Together we will explore:

  1. Your deep-rooted thoughts, experiences and assumptions

  2. Reflection and development

  3. Refocus your life ambitions

  4. Consider if your values and skills align with your current work

One-to-one sessions are ideal if you need time and space to think about:

  1. Developing better professional and personal relationships 

  2. Progressing your career, returning from a career break,or considering career change

  3. Seeking to rediscover enthusiasm, creativity and direction in your life

  4. Parenthood, marriage, partnerships

  5. Preparation for interviews, important meetings and speech-writing

  6. Life after retirement


Sessions are conducted in person or on the phone or via Skype/WhatsApp.  I strongly recommend 75 minutes per session to get the best out of time together; however I am all too aware of the pressures of time so I also offer the Your Time package which allows you to use your minutes with me to best suit your immediate circumstances and schedule.

Venue is vital. We need to be in a space where you feel totally at ease, able to speak openly without fear during our sessions so please consider how practical your own workplace or home would be; very happy to chat about this during our free 30 minute consultation.



In our sessions, whether they be for teams or individuals, there is no judgement, no interruption, no fear. You are safe. I am here for you.  The time is wholly yours.  It is your life and I will mentor and train you to actively reflect and rediscover the control you have of your personal and professional life.

I see you, my client, The Thinker, as thus:

  1. Intelligent

  2. Free to make real choices about their lives and feelings

  3. Able to think about anything

  4. Loving

  5. Aware of others

  6. Eager for solutions good for everyone

  7. Creative

  8. Deserving of good outcomes