"I had a thinking session with Kuki to help prepare for a speech. It was an extremely useful opportunity to approach the task of speech writing in a different way and certainly helped the process."

Chief Executive, national charity, London

“I went into my first session without expectations and not quite knowing what to expect, I never tried anything like this before but lately I have debating with myself what to do next in my career and feeling quite stressed about it. I found the approach very relaxing and not at all intimidating or preachy, since it focuses completely on your own thoughts it's quite a treat to get this time to just be and not feel distracted with all the day to day things of life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kuki, it amazed me that I could feel encouraged and like she was engaging with me throughout without actually getting involved in my problem solving. “

Head of Special Sales, Ryland Peters & Small Publishing, London


“I have relied extensively on Kuki's coaching skills to formulate plans and achieve goals in both my personal and professional lives. It is refreshing, not to mention rare, to be given an open forum in which you can actively explore and test your own thought processes without being interrupted or judged; the only challenge comes from yourself, with the result that ideas and assumptions are stripped back until you are left only with the core issues on which you really want to focus.

I have used Thinking Sessions to consider how to approach tricky conversations with members of my team; to prepare my answer for a question set in advance of a job interview; and even to plan a full week of activities during a forthcoming holiday. While Kuki's role in these sessions is by nature largely passive, her enthusiasm and amiability go a long way to creating an atmosphere in which active problem-solving and critical thinking can truly flourish.”

Richard Booth, Student Casework Manager, Birmingham City University


“I found my sessions with Kuki really helpful - she offers a rare chance to take some time out of the craziness of day to day demands and really challenge yourself to think about your goals, what you want to achieve, and what resources you already have available to make them a reality. I would heartily recommend her, especially if you are facing a time of change in your life, a particular personal or professional challenge, or even if you have just let yourself get comfortable where you are and need to give yourself an excuse to step things up a gear."

Rachael Mpashi-Marx, Communications and Strategy Consultant


“I tried coaching to see if it could help me to manage a conflict situation at work and also to understand and deal with perfectionism.  Coaching was odd (and a little challenging) at first as it involves a deeper level of thinking.  It felt as though some sessions were going in unanticipated directions but by the end I could see how issues were connected.  Kuki helped me to see things from a completely different perspective and understand that often barriers that I had identified were not actually barriers at all.  Coaching has been an amazing experience for me and has helped me to move forward.  Kuki was easy to talk to and build a rapport with and I trusted her from the very start.  Thank you Kuki.”


Working for a not for profit advice organisation, Wales